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GBWhatsApp APK [2018] Download Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK: Are you looking for GBWhatsApp APK download? Or do you know what GB WhatsApp APK is? Here is everything you need to know about it.  WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app whether for iOS and Android. You can communicate with your friends for free from all available WhatsApp contacts. All you need is an internet connection on your device. You can’t install a similar app on your Android device. Same goes to WhatsApp app, Nowadays most of the Android device support dual SIM if you have same then you are lucky enough. Do you know you can install two WhatsApp? Sounds amazing right! Download gbwhatsapp apk latest version from here.

GBWhatsApp APK Download:

Usually, you can’t install the same app on your Android device and WhatsApp don’t let you register two WhatsApp accounts with the same number. With GB WhatsApp APK you can install two WhatsApp apps on your Android smartphone and simultaneously can continue the conversation with two WhatsApp accounts. So, keep reading if you are also looking for the same feature on your Android device. I will concern you how to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android device, for this trick you will require GB WhatsApp APK download for Android device. Keep your eyes on to know more about GBWhatsApp APK Download.

GBWhatsApp APK Features:

Apart from using two WhatsApp accounts with GB WhatsApp app. Its a must have app for those who are looking for using WhatsApp account on their Android device. The GB team has made the WhatsApp experience more enjoyable with GB WhatsApp. A lot of useful features that makes GBWhatsApp a must have app. Below I will highlight the features of WB WhatsApp, know what you can do and get features with WB WhatsApp apk.

  1. Last seen can be freeze if you don’t want to show your last seen to your friends or someone who next to your conversation.
  2. You can hide message seen/read tick or blue tick with GB WhatsApp.
  3. GB WhatsApp let hide sent tick as well.
  4. You can even hide your typing status and recording status with GBWhatsApp. Your friend will not get notification of your typing and voice recording.gsjsagds
  5. This app allows locking any conversation so that, you don’t have worry about unauthorized access to your conversation.
  6. With available custom skin, you can choose a different color for a particular conversation, contact, and group. A color setting feature comes with GB WhatsApp for color management.
  7. The GB WhatsApp support theme as well, apply your favorite theme and give a better look to WhatsApp.
  8. While official WhatsApp let you send a maximum 15MB video but GB WhatsApp allow you to send up to 30 MB video.
  9. With one click you can send up to 90 picture with gbwhatsApp, which is also without compromising image quality.
  10. Can be set your name on header background.
  11. Can you imagine that you can even choose gbwhatsApp icon for your Android device launcher?
  12. You can set emoji color to make more interesting your chat.
  13. If you want, you can even hide sharing menu in GBWhatsApp.
  14. You can customize notification icon as well. So, you can easily know who is sending you WhatsApp text.
  15. How interesting, you can set different font color for any particular conversation.
  16.  You can set bubble style conversation with GBWhats App.
  17. The most important feature of GBWhatsApp is that you will be notified every time after anyone comes online on WhatsApp and every time after your WhatsApp friends change their WhatsApp status. So, you don’t have to check if your friend is online or not to start a conversation.jhjdshd
  18. You can also make fun applying custom color to your status.
  19. Hide notification while someone using your smartphone and not let them see your conversation through notification.

So these were the features of the GB WhatsApp, and I know you have liked reading the features. Now if you are looking for GB WhatsApp download, then you should be aware that this app is not available on Google Play Store. The GBWhatsApp app doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of Google Play Store, but don’t worry still, you can download it.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version:

As you come to know the great features of the GB WhatsApp, and it is not available on Google Play Store as well. But you can download GB WhatsApp APK file on your Android device. To download GB WhatsApp APK file, just search on the Google Search and will get many websites that allow download GBWhats App APK file so, keep reading to know how to use dual WhatsApp on your Android device.

How To Install GBWhats App APK File: After downloading GB WhatsApp with your smartphone. Let’s know how to install GB WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.ghjd

  1. Go to your downloaded folder and click to proceed installation.
  2. It will take a little moment to install after installation complete GB WhatsApp icon will appear in your app drawer.
  3. Click on GBWhats App and provide you a number and follow the simple procedure to activate GB WhatsApp.


So, this was all about GBWhats App and hope you have like reading this article. If you are thinking or wish to have two WhatsApp on your smartphone, then GBWhats App is for you. Or else, GBWhats App is nothing to have.  Download it right now and enjoys a new world of WhatsApp. For any queries, you can leave me a comment so, I can communicate you as much as possible assistance.

Updated: April 15, 2018 — 9:23 pm

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