4 types of scraping projects that you can finish within a weekend

You can get data from the internet to utilize for your benefit. Data scraping is not tough at all. You’ll have to copy/paste data from the internet into a document. It won’t take long. What if you have to scrap a large amount of data? In this situation, web scraping would work for you. 

Web scraping is all about extracting useful data from websites by using tools. You won’t have to do this manually. Web scraping tools can be used for lead generation, image extraction with one click, analyzing prices, and much more. 

An overview of the scraping projects you can complete quickly

Here are going to talk about the 4 web scraping projects that would help you do web scraping within a week. It would be a great opportunity for a beginner to learn about web data scraping.

1. Take a start from social media platforms

Everyone has access to social media nowadays. You get maximum data from social media handles. You will learn about marketing techniques. You will learn about the customers’ requirements, which would be one of the most important because whatever you are going to sell in the future, you must offer your product or services just the way the customer would want to get. 

Let’s talk about Twitter. You can get an extreme level of text data from this social media handle that would help you in improving your marketing techniques, power your data models, and much more. 

How can you scrape data from a social media platform?

You can use programming language whenever you are going to extract text data from a social media handle. If you want to extract the username, then you will just have to build an XPath, and it would lead you to locate all the text that contains the word you wanted to extract. 

There are text data extractor tools that would help you to extract data without much hassle. You will just have to be specific about your research. You can extract any type of data or information you would like to get from your favorite social media platform. 

2. Best product deals data scraping

Don’t you think you bought the handbag from Amazon at quite a higher price? It happens to most of us quite often. Without doing much research, we simply go for the very first option we see on the online store.

If you don’t want to buy an overpriced product and you would like to wait until you get a good deal. You can either keep checking the online store day and night, so you don’t miss a good deal. There is another way in which you won’t have to go through this hassle. You schedule a bot that would let you know whenever a good deal on your favorite comes. 

An Amazon bot will help you in this matter. Just like scraping data from a social media handle, you can schedule the bot by entering the details of the product and id name, so whenever a discount or deal gets available on the store, you will get notified instantly. 

3. Extract all images with one click

Downloading an image won’t be a tough task, but what if you have to extract many images from a social media page or any other web page? First, selecting and then downloading every single image sounds energy-draining and frustrating. 

You can create a web scraper and use the automation feature of that web page to extract all images with a single click. 

For example, if you want to extract images from an Instagram account, you will have to enter your Instagram id through your web scraping tool to use such a web scraper. Go all the way down to the profile page so every photo will get loaded, and then you can save every single one of them within no time. 

4. Airbnb data scraping

If you travel a lot, then you will know how much extra you end up paying to Airbnb for good and comfortable accommodation. How about you do a little research for more economical options? You might find it a bit tiring because looking for details of every single accommodation can be a bit difficult.

Instead of doing it manually, you can simply use the web scraper option here. You need to open Airbnb in the web scraper then enter your requirements. You will get the results in which only those accommodations will get highlighted that would match your requirements. 

You don’t have to scroll down to every single page of the accommodations when web scraper can do the job for you. 

The final words:

If you are a beginner, then the 4 projects we have discussed above would definitely help you to learn more about web scraping techniques.

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