Check Warranty Status for Mobile Phone

The days of having to visit a smartphone service facility to check the phones’ warranties are long gone. The warranty of phones from various brands can now be checked online thanks to a mechanism that many brands have developed.

How to Check Warranty Status for Mobile Phone

You may check the warranty of your smartphone online with the aid of this comprehensive instruction provided by SellUp. The companies covered in this article are Samsung, Oppo, Tecno, Huawei, Infinix, and Redmi.

Online Warranty Verification for Samsung Phones

The steps below should be followed if you want to check the warranty status of your Samsung phone.

  • If you’re unaware, the IMEI number for the phone is required to check the warranty. You must dial *#06# to find out your phone’s IMEI number. Your phone’s IMEI number will be visible. Take note of it. (IMEI number is a number of 14 digits)
  • Go to your phone’s browser. Find “SAMSUNG WARRANTY CHECK” by searching.
  • There will now be a lot of connections. To open it, you must click on the first one. “IMEI24.COM SAMSUNG WARRANTY FREE IMEI CHECK”
  • You must enter your IMEI number after clicking the link, which you may find by dialling *#06# recently.
  • A new page displaying all the relevant information about your phone, such as the Imei number, brand, serial number, manufacturing date, country, and carrier details, will appear after you successfully complete the human authentication. Your phone’s warranty will be based on when it was manufactured.

To check the guarantee of your Samsung cellphones online, follow these simple steps.

How Can I Find out if my Oppo Phone is Still Under Warranty?

You must first know your device’s IMEI number in order to verify the warranty status of any Oppo model. Simply dial *#06# to find out the IMEI number. All you have to do is click this link once you have determined your IMEI number.

Website address: “”

Your IMEI number and the confirmation code must be entered in the box once you click this link. You must check after entering the IMEI number and verification code. Your phone’s warranty and any other pertinent information will be displayed.

How can I Check the Redmi Phone Warranty Online?

As previously said, you must first dial *#06# to check your phone’s IMEI number.

Following this, run a browser search for “Mi warranty check.” All of the outcomes will show up. You must select “Product Authentication” as the first option. You must input your phone’s IMEI number and complete the captcha when you open this. You will be able to verify the warranty of any Redmi cellphone once you have followed all the guidelines provided.

How can I Online Track the Progress of other Companies’ Warranties, Such as Infinix, Huawei, Realme, and Tecno?

Find your device’s IMEI number, then click the link below in your browsers to check the validity of your warranties on devices made by Infinix, Huawei, Tecno, and Realme.

You will be prompted to input your phone’s IMEI number when you click this link. The aforementioned will be available for inspection.

  • Brand of goods
  • Model of the thing 
  • Equipment IMEI
  • Maintenance and Service Coverage 
  • Valid Activation Date 
  • Date of the inspection


Final Words:

These are all the procedures for examining the warranty of various brands and products. We hope you found this information to be useful. Visit our website, Sell Up, for more content.

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