Gan Magnetic 3×3 Puzzles

The Gan Magnetic 3×3 is an amazing little toy for any kid. It’s very versatile and can do so many different things. You can easily play a variety of games on it, such as pinball, chess, and more. But what’s even better is that it is portable. So when you take it on a trip, it can fit into your luggage!

GAN 356 M Lite

GAN 356 M is a stickerless 3×3 magnetic cube that is a modern speed cube with a few cool tricks up its sleeve. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a flagship, it does feature a unique numerical IPG core that helps you make more accurate tightening adjustments. The numerical IPG core helps make it possible to achieve the same side tensions on each face, a feat that was not possible in the past. It also has the shortest center piece travel of any 3×3 puzzle we have tested. Its patented Numerical IPG core is a nifty little device that allows users to adjust the spring compression on each face with ease. To help you get started, it also comes with a handy guide that explains the science behind the design.

GAN 356 Air SM

Gan 356 Air SM is an incredibly modern magnetic Rubik’s Cube. It is a perfect choice for cubers who are looking for a faster cube that can handle fast turns without getting pops. The 76 grams of weight makes it ideal for one-handed cubing. GAN 356, Air SM has improved on its predecessor, the Air UM, with a more advanced elasticity system and new GES v3. It also includes a full set of GES V2 spring components and a new honeycomb design for improved performance. It is also compatible with the new GAN Magnetic System, which allows users to adjust the magnet strength in the corners and edges. This allows for more precise adjustments, making it easier to make adjustments to the cube’s design.

GAN 356 X Magnetic 3×3 V2

The GAN 356 X V2 is the latest cube from the king of the puzzle game. It is a slightly lighter version of the GAN 356 XS. This one also uses a patented honeycomb form for its surfaces, which will prove to be a long lasting proposition. A new reinforced plastic core helps reduce the weight. The GAN 356 X V2 has all the features you would expect from a cube that reaches the top of its class. There are some nifty details in the box including a cube guide and trading card. Also included are a few funky GAN GTNs. Some are brightly colored, others are matte. In the end, the 356 X V2 stands out from the crowd with its innovative design.

GAN Pyraminx

GAN Pyraminx is a new and exciting pyraminx puzzle from the world renowned manufacturer GAN. It is designed with a unique core magnetism structure and is geared toward competitive pyraminx enthusiasts. GAN Pyraminx is available in three different versions: Standard, Explorer and Enhanced. Each version offers a different level of elasticity and strength. The Standard Edition includes a set of GES nuts pre-installed. Both the Enhanced and the Explorer versions include an extra set of GES nuts and a set of tuercas. Additionally, the Enhanced version has magnetic pieces. This increases speed and improves performance. The GAN Pyraminx also features a new core-edge magnetic positioning system, which greatly improves the feel of the puzzle. This new feature is an advancement over traditional edge-to-edge magnets, which are located at the bottom of the edge pieces.

YJ MGC Elite

The YJ MGC Elite 3×3 is an updated version of the popular MGC3 Elite M 3×3. It boasts improved performance and a refreshed primary interior color design. In addition, the speed cube comes with a tuneable spring compression system and extra magnets for personalization. The new MGC Elite 3×3 has a dual ajustment system which is convenient and easy to use. This makes for a smooth and stable cubo. You can adjust the tension of the core as well as the spring using a simple to operate lever. A slotted screwdriver is also included. Similarly, a flat head screwdriver is used for altering the magnet strength. Despite the fact that the MGC3 Elite is a little on the slow side, the speed cube is still a pleasure to play. Thanks to its smooth glide, the MGC Elite cuts corners well and minimizes those pesky lockups.

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