Here’s What You Can Do in Whistler in the Fall

If you are planning to be in Whistler for the fall, whether you are visiting or you have recently moved and this is your first autumn there, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover so much to do during these months before Christmas.

While many head to Whistler during the winter months for skiing and snowboarding, there are also advantages to visiting in the fall. Here are some fun things to do in Whistler in the fall:

Enjoy the Foliage

Being a big ski area, Whistler has no shortage of mountains that are absolutely covered in gorgeous colors every autumn. If you love taking in all the fall hues, you will have a great time in Whistler in the fall.

If you are looking for some relaxation, take a slow walk to enjoy the foliage on some of the trails right near Whistler Village, like Lost Lake Park or Fitzsimmons Trail. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can take in the changing leaves from above on a zipline!

Try Some Wine

If you are visiting Whistler in October, you can partake in the Whistler Wine Walk. As part of this event, every Friday evening in October, you can head to some amazing local galleries, including the Audain Art Museum, where you can take in some beautiful art.

Plus, this event has the added bonus of offering light fare, as well as wines from local British Columbia wineries. So if you are visiting Whistler in the fall and hoping to see some of the area’s best art, as well as sample some delicious local wines, this is a great two-for-one deal.

Attend a Seasonal Festival

Each season brings with it festivals and celebrations, and fall is no exception for Whistler. In the fall, there are several festivals you can choose from in Whistler. First, be sure to check out the Whistler Beer Festival in September where you can enjoy the beginning of fall cheer in the air, live music, food, and craft beers.

If you are a writer, be sure not to miss October’s Whistler Writers Festival, which besides writing, readings, and author talks, also features music, food, and storytelling. To round out the fall festivals in Whistler, be sure to check out Cornucopia Festival in November to enjoy all things culinary. From chef meet-and-greets to food and wine tastings, this festival is perfect for foodies.

Whistler is definitely the place to be for skiing in the winter, but with all of these fun festivals and events in the fall, it seems like Whistler might be the place to be year-round. If you have come to this decision too.

Whether you are visiting for a weekend, a week, or staying longterm, Whistler has something for you year round. Check out the natural features of the city, as well as all the fun planned events.

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