How Do I Get a Vanuatu Passport?

The Vanuatu passport is the most popular passport among foreigners. You might be curious about the reason behind it. You may think how cans a small country has this much strong passport and, how can you get this passport? Don’t worry; just keep reading to know about getting a Vanuatu passport.

Country’s Profile:

The Republic of Vanuatu is located on an Island, in the South Pacific Ocean. This country declared independence from the United Kingdom and France in 1980. So, the Republic of Vanuatu was established the same year. 

The newly independent nation joined the Pacific Islands Forum, Organization Internationale Francophonie, Commonwealth of Nations, and the United Nations.

Here are some facts about Vantuanu you should know: 

  • A written constitution governs the parliamentary democracy known as the Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services, and cattle ranching are the four pillars of its economy.
  • Vantuanu is the fourth happiest country in the world.
  • Visitors are attracted to this country due to its natural beauty, abundance of tropical plants, freshwater fish,  breathtaking vistas, modest airports, marinas, and yacht clubs. It is a fantastic and appealing tourist destination because of its hotels.
  • Vantuanu has three official languages: English, French, and Bislama.

How Can You Get Vanuatu Citizenship?

The sole program in the South Pacific was introduced in 2017 and is called Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment. 

It is also referred to as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP). This program is the quickest way to acquire alternative citizenship through investment.

You can obtain a passport within a month of applying for it. This passport allows you to travel visa-free to over 100 countries, including the UK, Singapore, and many other strategically important locations, for a minimum payment of $130,000 into a local development fund.

Why Get a Vanuatu Passport?

The benefits of being a Vanuatu passport holder are numerous for international private clients. 

Personal interest, capital gains, and withholding taxes are among the things that are not present. Taxes apply to land sales, stock trades, and municipal business transactions. Import taxes are also levied against local businesses. Citizenship in Vanuatu is a good choice for people who want to travel more and pay less in taxes. Vanuatu has a benevolent tax system with no taxes on earnings, inheritances, or gains.

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship. Maintaining a Vanuatu passport is not dependent on travel or residence.

The Vanuatu passport’s access to the Schengen region may be its most significant travel advantage. All of the top businesses and tourist destinations in Europe, including all 26 Schengen area states, are visa-free for Vanuatu passport holders.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for a Vanuatu Passport:

  • The person who is applying for a Vanuatu passport must be 18 years old.
  • There are no contagious diseases or major health difficulties affecting the applicant or any of their dependents.
  • The applicants should have no history of criminal offenses.
  • Candidates should make sure they are not being investigated for a crime.
  • The candidates must not be viewed as posing a threat to national security.
  • The applicant must refrain from any activity that can damage Vanuatu’s reputation.

Documentation Required While Applying for a Vanuatu Passport:

These are the required documents while applying for Vanuatu passport: 

  • A verified statement of the applicant’s wealth
  • Passport replica
  • Identity document
  • A copy of the marriage license, if relevant to the case
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Original certificate of police clearance
  • Health certification
  • Letter from the employer of the applicant
  • Professional and academic credentials, if any
  • A genuine, original bank reference letter that is not more than six months old
  • A reference letter from applicant’s employer that is original and not more than six months old
  • Six passport size photos
  • If dependents are older than 18, evidence of payment for the nonrefundable registration and due diligence fees is required
  • Investment confirmation paperwork or an escrow agreement

Many registered visa and passport companies are offering to Vanuatu’s passport by taking donations. For application, you should contact any registered Vanuatu citizenship offering company. Howevwr, be aware of any fakes.

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