How Much Does Pet Food Cost Per Day?

Owning a pet can be exceptionally exciting. Your pet welcomes you when you come home after a tough day. Your pet becomes part of your family, so you are concerned about keeping him healthy and happy. You can keep your pet active only by feeding him a properly balanced diet. But you may be wondering how much does pet food cost per day? Keep reading to find out.

Prices of pet food differ depending on the quality and amount. While buying food for your pet, it can be not very clear whether expensive food is good for your sweetheart or it’s just the company exaggerating it. 

You might also find it challenging to choose between several options. You do not need to be skeptical about food too much if your furry friend is healthy and does not have any special dietary needs. But healthy foods will help your cat or dog enjoy a prosperous and vigorous life.

Do not Rely on Brands

Prices of dubai pet food vary according to the content of pure protein or fillers in them. But should you rely on brands that offer foods with high price tags? Well, the simple answer is no. You should not consider a food healthy if a well-known brand provides it at a high price. If you buy food from expensive brands, you are not paying for the pet food but reimbursing for their branding, marketing, and advertising.

Like human food brands that target a specific community or niche, pet foods also follow such branding. To avoid such hype, you should ignore catchy slogans and marketing and understand the labels instead.

Dry Vs. Wet Food

The cost of a pet meal also depends on whether the food is wet or dry. To choose among these two kinds of foods, it is advisable to ask the vet. Some vets say that it is not essential to feed your pet with both foods. On the other hand, some say that it is helpful to provide both foods.

It is good to feed your pet with both types of foods. For cats, wet food can add moisture because they do not drink enough water. However, you may find wet food more expensive. But you can give it to your favorite once a day and serve dry food for other feedings. Before opting for different foods, keep in mind that both cats and dogs prefer a variation in diet and enjoy both dry and wet foods.

Pet Food Cost Per Day 

With all the reasons that decide pet food price, the average cost of wet food per day is from $1 to over $6. Wet foods with relatively higher moisture are tremendous to transport so they may cost you more.

The average dry food cost ranges from $0.20

to $13 for a day. Dry foods are locally available and have a lot of options. But these are highly processed and contain a lot of calories. So too much consumption of dry foods can lead your furry friend to quick weight gain.

Fresh foods are available to you for $5 to $6.50 per day. These foods are formulated by experts and are delivered to you in pre-portioned temperature-controlled packages; however, their affordability is above average.

You can consider purchasing raw foods for your darlings high in protein. The per-day cost of such foods is $6.30 to $6.50.

Remember that such foods contain organ meats and ground bones with nutrient variations and calcium.

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