How to Choose the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re looking for a pizza oven to use outside your house, you’ve come to the right place. There are several options available, including the Alfresco Built-In Pizza Oven Plus, Bertello, Lisboa brick, Sole Gourmet Italia, and more. Each type has a different feature that makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Alfresco Built-In Pizza Oven Plus

If you enjoy pizza, the Alfresco 30-inch Countertop is one of the best outdoor pizza oven a great option for you. It preheats in 16 minutes and reaches 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s ideal for making the perfect four-minute Neapolitan pizza.

The Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus’s temperature is over 10000°F, making it ideal for cooking authentic Neapolitan pizza. It can also be used for roasting, baking, broiling, and searing. Because of its versatility, this oven is an excellent option for any outdoor kitchen. It’s a must for any home that enjoys entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors.

The Alfresco Built-In Pizza Ovation Plus comes with an easy-to-clean exterior, an internal light to monitor your pizza, and adjustable legs for stability. Its design allows it to sit atop an outdoor kitchen countertop. It can be used with liquid propane or natural gas. It also comes with an integrated water pan.


The Wood Fire & Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven is fun to use and provides wonderful results. It’s lightweight and very portable, making it ideal for use in a variety of outdoor settings. You’ll be able to cook delicious pizzas in no time with this outdoor pizza oven. It has all the necessary components to make a delicious pizza and it’s easy to clean. It’s also easy to assemble.

Unlike other pizza ovens on the market, the Bertello outdoor pizza oven allows you to cook with wood or propane. The wood fire will add a wood smoke flavor, and you can even mix the two fuels. This makes it the only pizza oven on the market that allows you to cook with both wood and propane.

Lisboa brick

If you want to make pizzas outside, you can’t go wrong with a Lisboa brick outdoor pizza oven. This oven cooks pizzas in less than 90 seconds. It also has a rotisserie component that you can use to make different types of pizzas. It has a patented dome shape that creates intense heat.

The Lisboa oven is handmade by artisanal craftspeople who have been making these ovens for generations. This 100% handmade product carries the original patent for the dome shape. To install the oven, you need a concrete base that’s 3.15 inches deep and 2 strong brick walls that are at least 6 inches wide. You also get a FREE Clay Roasting Pan with the purchase of this oven.

Lisboa brick outdoor pizza ovens are made from high quality materials. They are built to last and will look beautiful in your backyard. They can reach very high temperatures and come with the necessary tools to make your favorite pizzas. You can even use them to make breads and other items.

Sole Gourmet Italia

The Sole Gourmet Italia outdoor pizza oven is made in Italy with top quality materials. The oven features an electro-galvanized exterior and 5mm Corten steel. The cooking surface is 24 inches by 32 inches. It has 1/2-inch spun rockwool insulation to keep the pizza warm. It can reach cooking temperature in 15 minutes.

The oven uses significantly less wood than traditional brick ovens. Its design allows you to cook delicious food in your backyard and preserve the environment. It also features rubber feet and a cart for easy portability. The Sole Gourmet Italia outdoor pizza oven is an excellent choice for cooking pizza and other food outdoors.


The Roccbox outdoor pizza oven is a revolutionary outdoor appliance that is designed to give you unmatched performance and ease of use. The unit features retractable legs, a detachable burner, a built-in thermometer, a thick stone floor, dense insulation, and a rolling flame that produces the perfect crispy crust.

The Roccbox has an oven chamber that reaches a temperature of 500 degrees and can easily bake up to six pizzas in half an hour. The heat rises from the back of the oven to the top, while hot air and radiation warms the stone floor. The pizzas are cooked to a perfect crispy base and edge within 90 seconds.

The Roccbox is portable and comes with a carrying strap. It is not as lightweight as some of the other models, but its performance is impressive and the price is well worth it. The Roccbox does require some physical effort to move, but the quality of the pizza cooked in the oven is well worth it.

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