Nail Polish Reviews

If you are looking for nail polish that you can rely on, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the products from Prim & Pure, Sally Hansen, L’Oxygene, and Acquarella. These reviews can help you find the perfect nail polish for you.

Review of Prim & Pure nail polish

Prim & Pure nail polish is a brand of nail polish that is easy to remove. It is opaque and shimmery, yet dries quickly. The formula is also non-toxic and doesn’t require any harmful nail thinners or removers. Its nail polishes are a great choice for those who are worried about the harmful ingredients that are commonly used in nail polish.

The brand’s nail polish is cruelty-free, which means that it does not contain TPHP, formaldehyde, DBP, or toluene. They are also chip-resistant and long-lasting. They come in glossy, non-yellowing, and glow-in-the-dark shades. The polishes also contain coffee extract and calcium to strengthen your nails.

Review of Acquarella nail polish

If you are looking for a fun, eco-friendly way to add some color to your nails, Acquarella nail polish is the perfect option. It’s water-based and free of toxic chemicals. What’s more, you don’t need to use a top or base coat to apply it, making it the perfect alternative to conventional nail products. It also hydrates your nails, helping to prevent damage caused by harsh chemicals.

Acquarella is a water-based nail polish, so it’s important to be aware of the drying time. The drying time is dependent on the temperature of your environment and how fast your fingers or toes absorb water molecules. For best results, apply the nail polish to a finger or toe that is at a moderate temperature.

Review of L’Oxygene nail polish

This nail polish comes in a vibrant berry red and is richly pigmented. Its glossy finish leaves a layer of colour that resists chipping and fading. It is water-permeable and comfortable to apply, so it is an excellent alternative to traditional nail polish.

The innovative formula of L’Oxygene allows air and moisture to permeate the colour, ensuring long-lasting gloss and anti-fading colour. It’s easy to apply and contains a UV filter for long-term stability.

Review of Sally Hansen nail polish

Sally Hansen is one of the leaders in nail polish innovation and their latest product, Miracle Gel, is no exception. Unlike traditional nail polish, Miracle Gel has patented technology that provides longer shelf life and no need for a UV lamp. To use Miracle Gel, apply 2 layers of Miracle Gel Color, allow 5 minutes for them to dry, and then apply the Miracle Gel Top Coat to finish the look.

The Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen is the world leader in nail polish innovation. It combines traditional nail polish with high-tech gel, and it does so without the use of a UV lamp or LED lamp. It can also be removed at home, and you can choose from 30 different shades. You can even buy Sally Hansen nail polishes in unique, tribal-inspired shades.

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