Necessary Skills for a Data Scientists

There has recently been an advent of technological dependence. This has caused a huge shift of the businesses. Services and products that were mostly available in person are now being offered online. These online services are quite convenient and its accessibility makes it hugely popular. 

Successfully conducting each of these processes require data. With the exponential growth of online services, there has been an equal growth of data which is termed as “big data”. The role of a data scientist is becoming increasingly important and every company with an online website is employing a data scientist. A proper data science overview can become quite beneficial for your career. 

To become a data scientist you’d need some background concepts which can make the process of becoming a data scientist easier. 

Here are some of them:

  • Statistics-

A proper knowledge of statistics is quite essential for a data scientist. They need to regularly apply statistics to organise and analyze data. The basic statistical concepts such as statistical analysis, probability, standard deviation, variance, probability curve, etc. is required by a data scientist for the interpretation of the collected data. Only when the data is interpreted can it be used by the companies to yield required results. Statistical analysis is always included in data science overview because the presentation from the unstructured to the structured data can be best done with the help of statistics. 

  • Coding-

The works of a data scientist doesn’t strictly involve coding. The data analysts especially don’t really work with a programming language.  However, it is necessary to have a background in programming to be a data scientist. This is because the unstructured data is in the form of machine language. The raw material which is later analyzed is present in code.  Only if one understands the raw data can they later organize and analyse it for use. All data scientists should have a basic understanding of computer programming to be successful at their jobs.

  • Predictive modeling-

The utilization of older data is only possible through the implementation of predictive modeling. The observation and analysis of older data is done in order to predict future outcomes. A data scientist needs to know concepts of prediction modelling since adhering to these predictions, products and services are molded or created in order to gain profits. Learning predictive modeling tends to be included in a good data science overview.

  • Problem solving-

Raw data contains a huge amount of information- not all of which is important. A data scientist needs to know which types of data will be relevant for further use and only those are organized and presented. Problem solving skills are necessary to know which pieces of data would fit where in terms of the company’s uses. 

This big data is extremely unstructured but also very useful. data can be utilized by the companies for marketing, quality improvement, revenue predictions, customer relation, and such related purposes. To make sense of this unstructured data, companies need the help of data scientists. These professionals use scientific methods like problem solving, algorithms, etc. to structure and organize the data so that it would be useful to the companies.

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