Relationship With Actress Catherine Bell

Actress Catherine Bell is an American actress who has starred in a number of movies and TV shows. She is best known for her role as Denise Sherwood in the Lifetime series Army Wives.

She is currently in a relationship with Brooke Daniells, who is an American actress and screenwriter. They met in 2012 and have been dating ever since.

She is in a relationship with Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells is currently in a relationship with actress Catherine Bell. They have been together since 2012 and are living in a 3,380-square-foot ranch house in Los Angeles.

Daniells is known for her work as a photographer and event planner. She has received numerous awards recognition for her work and also featured on various magazine covers.

The two ladies met on the set of the movie ‘Death Becomes Her’, and they began dating. They got married in June 2012, and they have been living together ever since.

Both women have been married before – to men, and they are both moms of two children. Despite their past relationships, they remain as committed to each other as ever.

She is married to Adam Beason

Catherine Bell has been married to screenwriter Adam Beason for 17 years before they split up in 2011. They met on the set of Death Becomes Her in 1992, when Bell was a nude body double for Isabella Rossellini.

She has two children with Beason: Gemma, who was born in 2003, and Ronan, who was born in 2010. The actress lives near Los Angeles, California with her husband and their kids.

Beason is a famous producer, director, and screenwriter who has worked on movies like The B-ring, Deceived, The Ranger, and others. He has a net worth of $1 million.

Her marriage with Beason was dissolved in 2011 and she is now dating Brooke Daniells. She and Daniells have been together for a long time and are still very close to each other.

Despite their split, Bell and Beason remain good friends and are committed to raising their two kids together. They also continue to run their co-owned production company, DaVinci Films.

She is a cancer survivor

Bell, who is known for her role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in JAG, has been a cancer survivor since 1990. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was 22 years old.

She had her thyroid removed and has been taking thyroid medication ever since. She also got radiation treatments to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Catherine Lisa Bell was born on August 14, 1968 in London, England. She is an American actress and model, who belongs to Scottish and Iranian ancestry.

Her father Peter Bell is from Scotland, while her mother Mina Ezzati Peter is from Iran. She moved to California when she was two years old and went to a Catholic school (Our Lady of Corvallis High School in Los Angeles).

She enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1992 to study medicine or research, but dropped out of the program after being offered a modelling job in Japan. She married screenwriter Adam Beason in 1994 and they have two children, Gemma and Ronan.

She is a lesbian

Actress Catherine Bell is openly gay and she is currently in a relationship with Brooke Daniells. The pair has been together since 2012.

Before settling down with her new love, Bell was married to Adam Beason on May 8, 1994. The couple was married for 16 years before they separated.

During the marriage, they had two children: daughter Gemma and son Ronan.

She is British by nationality and was born in London, England to Scottish father Peter Bell and Iranian mother Mina Ezzati. She speaks Persian and English fluently.

Her parents divorced and she was raised by her mother and grandparents.

She studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and worked as a massage therapist for a while. She has been in the film industry for over 30 years. She has starred in a number of films and TV shows. She is known for her role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on JAG. She also played Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Nightingale on Hallmark Channel’s The Good Witch series and its spin-offs.


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