The Best Florists in Canberra

If you are looking for a florist, there are many places to choose from in Canberra. Whether you are looking for a bouquet or a special arrangement, there is a florist that can cater to your needs.

GG’s Flowers

GG’s Flowers and Hampers in Canberra is a social enterprise florist that provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The business was established by a family in Canberra to provide a supportive work environment for their daughter, Gayana Wijewickrema, who has Down syndrome.

Geetha, Gayana’s mother, is a skilled florist and the inspiration behind GG’s. The mother-daughter team at GG’s work together to create beautiful arrangements. They also hand-pack each hamper. The products are made from local businesses and small organisations, and are shipped throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Geetha’s commitment to her daughter is a wonderful example of a strong family value. She also works to redefine the profit driven florist business model.

Embassy Florist

Located in the heart of Canberra, Embassy Florist has been in business for over 37 years. As a family owned business, the company strives to provide a positive experience. The business offers the best in floral arrangements and delivers them to the greater Canberra metropolitan area.

The company also offers a number of freebies to its customers. For instance, there is a 21-page guide on flowers at weddings that can be downloaded for free. The Embassy Florist Canberra is not only known for its quality products but also its friendly service.

Moxom + Whitney

There is a lot to love about Canberra’s Moxom + Whitney florists. These ladies specialize in terrariums, miniature worlds, and unique flower arrangements. They have been serving Canberra for over a decade.

The shop is a family business, operated by Lou Moxom and Belinda Whitney. Both have over 20 years of experience in the floral industry. They offer full service floral design for weddings and corporate events.

The floral arrangements are based on local, sustainably sourced flowers and plants. This means they are eco-friendly and they use biodegradable packaging. They also offer a vase option for those who prefer a simpler look.

SPIRAL Botanicals

SPIRAL Botanicals is a newly minted local flower shop with a mission to celebrate the best of the flower. As the name suggests, they source their floral offerings from a variety of micro-growers based in Canberra. Their signature is a high-end, bespoke floral design. They do their part for the environment, too, by using only natural and recyclable flowers and delivering orders on the same day as the purchase is made.

There’s no shortage of high-end florists in the city, but SPIRAL stands out for its quality of service and commitment to sustainable practices. On a weekly basis, they offer a complimentary dessert from The Sugar Deli.

West Row Botanica Boutique Florist

West Row Botanica Boutique Florist is one of the best florists in Canberra. Based in the Melbourne Building, this floral studio offers an extensive collection of flowers. The staff are ready to design the perfect floral arrangement for you. The selection includes bouquets, vases, boxes and other gifts.

The company’s staff have a wide range of experience in the flower industry, and they can create unique designs that will bring beauty to any special occasion. For example, they can adorn your bridal bouquet or wrought iron arch during your wedding ceremony. They also offer floral styling services for corporate events.

Flower sales

Flower sales are one of the best florists in Canberra. While there are several similar stores, Flower sales have a venerable reputation among its peers. The aforementioned establishment offers a small but mighty array of floral splendors. From the nitty-gritty to the fancy-pants, this stalwart has got you covered. Located at the corner of East Row and London Cct city, this aficionado has earned a well-deserved acclaim for its exemplary customer service and a veritable whopping six bouquets to choose from.

As the name implies, this is a family owned and operated establishment that boasts an impressive collection of floral arrangements ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate. They also offer the finest in customer service with a promise to meet or exceed your expectations.

Urban Jungle

The Urban Jungle is a flower shop in Canberra that is focused on indoor plants. The store has an extensive variety of plant designs, decors, and accessories. They are also known for their high-quality services, including customer service. They offer a wide selection of plants, vases, and a bouquet. and they also offer an in-store pickup and delivery service.

The Urban Jungle specialises in elegant floral creations, which are perfect for special occasions. They have years of experience in bringing beauty to homes. They are able to design custom-made items, as well as provide venue visits, and workshops.

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