The Pros and Cons of Being a YouTuber

If you’re looking to make some extra money online, there are plenty of options out there that don’t require any fancy certifications or degrees in marketing. Becoming a YouTuber is one of these options. In fact, you should start making videos now. It’s growing in popularity all the time. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of income. So it’s important to be aware of both sides before making the jump from blogger to video maker online. Let’s take a closer look below.


Pros of Reach for a YouTuber:

Another great benefit is your reach. When you post your videos online, they can be viewed by people around the world without limitation. If you have an internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you live in relation to your audience. You can connect with everyone around you. As long as you are on YouTube, no one needs permission or money to watch your videos.

Anyone that has access to YouTube is able to view what you create for free. And what if someone really likes what they see? They will likely subscribe (and maybe even share your video) so that more people are able to see what you produce.

Cons of Reach for a YouTuber:

Another downside of being a YouTube creator is reaching. When you post your videos online, they can be viewed by people around the world without limitation.

However, if you are not famous or popular, it might take a while to attract any significant audience to your content. Unless you have prior subscribers and followers or go viral early on in your career as a video maker, it may take time before enough people begin watching your videos so that you start seeing regular views.


Pros of Platform for a YouTuber:

YouTube provides an outstanding platform for content creators. It’s widely known and easy to use, and Google will reward you with higher search rankings if your video is compelling. If you’re looking to build up an audience quickly, YouTube is tough to beat. The more views you get for your videos, the more popular your channel will become.

That translates into more potential income from ads and sponsorships. A video maker online will find many opportunities to work on YouTube as it has one of the largest platforms on social media. Besides, being able to share everything you do without spending any money sounds too good to be true.

But creating videos can be done using free tools such as Screencast-O-Matic (for screencasts) or Garageband (for voice recordings). Without any doubt, there are lots of benefits from becoming a video maker online through Youtube or other platforms such as Vimeo and DailyMotion.

Cons of Platform for a YouTuber:

While YouTube has much to offer video makers online, it’s not without its downsides. The most obvious drawback is that you’ll need to invest considerable time and effort into creating videos, building an audience, and generating traffic. In addition, your content can be ripped off by thieves if you don’t secure your intellectual property. And finally, there are competitors who are willing to do anything for more views—which can result in fake or low-quality videos that ruin your reputation as an expert or creator.


Pros of Income for a YouTuber:

A video maker online will usually depend on how much income their videos are generating. YouTubers can use their videos as advertisements for their product or service. They can also create tutorials to make money from services or products they offer. Some YouTubers have built businesses around what they love, making hundreds of thousands, if not millions, from YouTube.

Cons of Income for a YouTuber:

While some make massive incomes, not everyone is successful at making money from YouTube. Your YouTube ad revenue is based on how many views your videos have. If you are just starting out as a vlogger, it may take time to get enough views to make any kind of decent money. A lot of people who start out with YouTube give up after they see no or little results after months of working hard.

Work-Life Balance

Pros of Work-Life Balance for a YouTuber:

There are many benefits to work-life balance for someone who makes their living through YouTube. One huge benefit is that you can continue to do what you love—create videos—while earning an income.

A video maker online can easily schedule his or her time around other obligations, meaning they don’t have to sacrifice their family, social life, hobbies, etc., just because they want to make money on YouTube. They can be good at what they do while still maintaining quality in other areas of life. Another great perk is that it’s easy to turn down projects if your schedule gets full. Whereas, in other professional fields, clients may frown upon your decision.

Cons of Work-Life Balance for a YouTuber:

While there are many benefits to work-life balance, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. One big con is that YouTube isn’t full-time work for most people. If you create videos as your side gig or in addition to another job, you can be impacted by irregular income if views or projects dip.

Personal Development

Pros of Personal Development for a YouTuber:

As it turns out, being able to talk about your personal development is a boon to your career. Research suggests that emotionally intelligent employees are more engaged, more committed to their jobs, less likely to leave their employers, and are better at managing conflict.

Cons of Personal Development for a YouTuber:

The downside to personal development is that it will require more focus on you. That may mean less time for your other responsibilities, and for some people, it could even mean spending less time with family. If you’re considering adding more self-improvement to your already full schedule, make sure you’re prepared to prioritise what needs your attention most.

Final Thoughts

A video maker online can be an amazing way to earn money or just have fun making content for others. As in any career, there are positives and negatives to every situation. You should always consider what works best for you while exploring what is out there. I hope that these articles give you better insight into how much money you could be making and what it entails to make a living doing something you love.

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