Turkish Series in Romanian Subtitles

If you’re interested in watching Turkish dramas and comedies, you’ll want to check out these two Turkish series in Romanian subtitles. They’ve both recently expanded their footprints in the region. Daydreamer and The Secret of Maria both have Romanian subtitles available for purchase and streaming. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can even watch a whole season for free! And if you’re wondering where to start, here are some tips for finding Seriale Turcesti in Romanian subtitles.

The Secret of Maria

If you want to learn Romanian or just have fun, you can watch the “Secret of Maria” TV series in Romanian with subtitles. This crime drama is set in the 1960s and features a cab driver who secretly leads a double life as a mob enforcer. The series has Romanian touches throughout, such as the frequent use of slang and rude language. You can also learn a lot about Romanian culture by watching the series.

The language in the cartoons is similar to that of adult TV shows, and is generally not too technical or obscure. The audio quality is usually much better, since cartoon voices are recorded in a studio and not during filming. In addition to DVDs, you can find Romanian TV shows on YouTube. There are three Romanian YouTube channels that feature zillions of cartoons. Just type in the Romanian language for the name of the channel and you’ll find tons of videos with subtitles.

In addition to subtitles, Turkish television series have a growing international audience. The series, also called Dizi, is available with English dubbing and subtitles in many countries. One of the newer Turkish series, Duy Beni, aired on peserialehd in 2022, depicts a schoolgirl’s life. The storyline is based on a fairytale, where miracles keep the hero and heroine close.

Erkenci Kus

If you are tired of watching the same old TV shows in English, then you should give Erkenci Kus a try. This Turkish series is based on a novel, and it combines high-octane action with historical entanglements. The story follows Sanem, who is studying at Istanbul University and hopes to become a writer. However, she is trapped by her father’s arranged marriage to Muzaffer, a man whose arranged marriage keeps him at home.

The first season of Erkenci Kus, “Early Bird,” aired on Star TV from June 26, 2018 to August 6, 2019. The series is based on a novel by Asli Zengin, and it stars Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. The series has eight seasons, but there is no official confirmation when it will air again. There are no Romanian subtitles available for this Turkish series, so you can’t watch it in its original language.

For Turkish TV shows in Romanian subtitles, try Netflix. The world’s largest internet television network has recently launched a user interface in your language. You can watch thousands of hours of original Netflix programming and subtitles. Then, you can watch Turkish series in Romanian with no registration and no annoying pop-up ads. Then, you can stream them on your device without interruptions.


For those of you who don’t know, Daydreamer is a Turkish television series with Romanian subtitles that aired on Star TV from June 26 to August 6, 2018. The main character of the series is an ambitious writer named Sanem Aydin Divit, who dreams of becoming a writer, but is bound by the arranged marriage of his father and brother. In order to escape the circumstances that have forced him to stay in his family, Sanem decides to watch the series in Romanian subtitles.

If you prefer watching Turkish series in Romanian, you can try Turksub24, an online platform that offers thousands of hours of content in your language. This service features subtitles and dubbing in English. It also allows you to watch Turkish movies in high definition for free. You can also choose to download the Turkish series from Dailymotion. The advantage of Dailymotion is that you don’t have to register to watch it, and it doesn’t have annoying pop-up ads.

Another popular Turkish TV series is Daydreamer, which has Romanian subtitles. Based on a Turkish novel, the series is a high-octane blend of action and historical entanglements. It follows the life of a young man who works in his father’s antique shop in Istanbul. Each episode lasts two hours and features an engaging story. It’s a great choice for fans of Turkish television series.

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