Under the Oak Tree – Book Review

Under the Oak Tree is a young adult novel that begins with a wedding. Then the story jumps forward three years. Maximilian hears her husband, Riftan, coming home, and is horrified to find out that he is planning to divorce her and marry a princess. Her father is furious at her plans to get a divorce and marry another man, and she is labeled ugly.


Under the Oak Tree begins with a wedding and jumps three years later. Three years later, Maximilian is hearing that her husband is coming home and he’s planning on getting a divorce and marrying the princess. Maximilian’s father is furious and calls her ugly. She has low self-esteem and fears that her new husband won’t want her anymore.

Maximilian suffers from speech disabilities, and she stutters early in life. She is also very shy, and she is constantly worried about being seen as an inferior person. She carries this self-image into adulthood.

Riftan Calypse

Riftan is a handsome nobility who has fought for the crown of the Kingdom of Anatol. He is a very loving and kind man who adores Maximilian with all his heart. He is never shy to tell his love for Maximianus.

Riftan is the main character of this Korean light novel. He is a knight of the Order of Remdragon. He has defeated the sect of the Red Dragon, and has become a hero of the kingdom. He is also married to Maximilian, the elder daughter of the Duke of Croix.


The story of Ruth under the oak tree is one of the most well-known stories from the World of Warcraft. The legend says that Ruth studied at the World Tower of Nornui but left before she finished her training. The wizards of the World Tower shun her, despite the fact that she is an extraordinary wizard. Only Maxi, the powerful wizard, accepts her.

The story of “Ruth under the oak tree” has a few intriguing characters. Maxi is the main character, but there are also secondary characters: Ruth and Riftan. While Ruth and Riftan are both white-haired, they share a common trait: they hoard knowledge. Although they are not human, they develop an emotional connection to each other.


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