WGSN – The Future of Women’s Fashion

When it comes to fashion news, WGSN is probably the most well-known source of information. It has become the leading source of fashion news in the world. But what are its goals and what is in store for the future? This article will look at Gaglioti’s plans and the mission of WGSN.


WGSN is a global forecasting agency that provides a glimpse of the upcoming womenswear trends. It is a division of Postmedia Network Inc. and works with over 350,000 independent retailers and 50,000 brands to provide exclusive previews of the upcoming seasons. If you’re looking for a way to stay ahead of the fashion curve, sign up for WGSN and receive the WGSN newsletter each month.

The site has over 74,000 active users, and serves more than 6,500 businesses in more than 180 countries. It employs more than 250 trend forecasters who combine quantitative and qualitative research to create actionable insights. The site also offers 22 million images and royalty-free CADS, as well as an extensive collection of tools and resources. It has been in business since 1998 and has become a leading source of inspiration and industry insight.

WGSN’s mission

WGSN is a leading provider of fashion news and trend forecasting. The network offers several subscription options for consumers. Its fashion news subscription service provides information on retail and consumer behavior as well as marketing strategy. It also offers access to design resources and artwork. Subscriptions are available through email. To access the WGSN fashion news service, users must create a personal account. To create an account, users must have an email address from University of Delaware. The account expires after 90 days if it is not used. If you want to continue your subscription after that time, you must renew your subscription.

The WGSN fashion news service offers a unique perspective on trend forecasting. The network has long been an industry leader in delivering insights to creative organizations. By forming a partnership with Lectra, the two companies are enabling creative teams to meet the demands of the marketplace. The two companies will leverage each other’s strengths and experience in order to improve the overall quality of their services.

WGSN’s future

By 2030, smart clothing will transition from accessories to fabrics, hardwired for communication through touch. Project Jacquard, a Google-created initiative, will embed touch and gesture-sensitive technology into fabric. The technology is expected to hit select Levi’s stores early next year.

WGSN’s future fashion news includes predictions for colour trends, which are updated every two years. Its latest colour report, for SS24, features five key colours that reflect consumer shifts and colliding online and natural worlds. The report is available on a dedicated online site, complete with clickable features and moveable imagery.

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