What To Do If Your Baby Died While Delivering?

The infant mortality rate has been controlled over the centuries because of the advancement in healthcare facilities and medical technologies. However, some babies still lose their life while coming into this world, sometimes because of pure negligence. If something similar has happened to you, you can make the one responsible pay for their deeds. 

It has been proven that brachial plexus birth injuries can occur because of the doctor’s negligence which results in the death of the baby. Here is what you should do if your baby dies in the labor room. 

Know The Cause Of The Death

Stillbirths are pretty rare but still occur in the world today. When you are given the unfortunate news of your baby passed away during childbirth, you might be shocked for a while. However, you should keep yourself together and ask the doctor for the reason behind death. If everything was going smoothly until labour, then what happened all of a sudden?

If your baby passed away during the birthing time, it might have been the doctor’s negligence. You should find out the exact reason why the baby died. This is extremely important for your next decision. 

Find A Lawyer

Once you know the cause of death, you can decide whether you need a lawyer or not. If there was an issue, why did not your midwife or delivering doctor inform you? If there were risks involved in vaginal birth then why did not your doctor take you for a cesarean section? These questions might arise and having a lawyer can help you build a case. 

Among various reasons behind the infant’s death, nerve damage during delivery is considered to be the doctor’s fault. Hire a brachial plexus birth injury lawyer to help you make a case against the responsible doctor and put him to justice. Your lawyer will advise you on how to take things further. The doctor responsible for such negligence should be given the appropriate punishment. 

Provide Emotional Support To Mother

Hearing the news of a baby’s death can be traumatizing for everyone but no more than it is for a mother. Make sure that everyone is emotionally and physically available to the grieving mother. A woman who just lost her child during birth must be going through a lot of physical and emotional pain. 

Make sure that you arrange emotional support for the mother so that she can talk her feelings out and does not fall into postpartum depression.  There should be adequate support for the mother for her physical and emotional needs. 

Final Words 

Losing a baby in the delivery room can be shocking and traumatizing for everyone. However, being the father or responsible family member of the grieving family, make sure you know the cause of the death. Hire a lawyer to help you with the case. However, amongst everything else going on, no one should forget the grieving mother. Provide enough emotional and physical support to her so that she can heal emotionally as well as physically. 

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