A Comprehensive Cushions Buying Guide That Works for every home

Everyone has cushions on their couches, chairs and seats at home don’t them? And you can bet that everyone wants to know how to choose the best cushion covers for them because who would want a cushion that looks bad or one that wears out easily? That’s why we’ve put together this cushion buying guide so you’d know what to look for in cushion covers. If you follow the steps from this cushion-buying guide, your cushion will last long and still look good as new.

We even consulted with interior designers from around the world including those from Singaporean companies Sydney Color & Co. We hope to give you a deeper understanding of cushion covers and bring your experience a notch higher when it comes to choosing the best cushion covers for your home.

Why cushion cover?

So why cushion covers instead of cushion inserts, you ask? If you use cushion inserts, you’ll not only have to replace the cushion insert every time it tears or gets stained but also buy new cushion covers. This can be expensive because cushion inserts are typically not cheap – at least not as much as cushion covers. So if cushion covers cost less than cushion inserts and they’re meant to keep your cushion cleaner and longer-looking, then go for them!

How to choose the best cushion cover thickness

Everyday wear and tear or simply using it for a long period of time will cause stress on your cushions which will make them lose their shape easily (if they were shaped like triangles, they will eventually turn into trapezoids). If cushion covers are too thick, this can make your cushion look less attractive especially if you have to use it every day. On the other hand, cushion covers that are too thin may wear out easily which means you’ll have to replace them sooner. So what cushion cover thickness do you need?

Generally speaking, cushion covers should be at least 1 inch thick so they won’t tear easily and also keep your cushion looking good as new for a long time – maybe even longer. This thickness is appropriate because it gives cushion covers enough strength without being too bulky. Plus 1 inch cushion covers are usually cheaper than any cushion cover thicker than an inch.

What’s the fabric material for cushion covers?

Fabric cushion covers are really popular among many homeowners because you can choose from a wide range of materials and prints. You’ll also have more cushion cover choices for cushion covers made from fabric than anything else.

Cotton cushion covers have been around for a long time now, and they’re still just as popular today. Their popularity is justified – cotton cushion covers don’t irritate the skin, they’re easy to clean and they look great on your cushion! Plus they come in different colors, designs, patterns and prints so there are no way you wouldn’t find what you need here. On top of everything else, cotton cushion covers are affordable too.

Linen cushion covers are another good choice if you want something natural looking but breathable at the same time. It’s also a good cushion cover material if you have kids or pets at home because it won’t irritate them – plus they can be machine-washed easily so your cushion covers will always look clean and nice!

If cotton cushion covers are too thin, why not try wool cushion covers? They’re just as comfortable as cotton cushion covers but thicker and sturdier. Wool cushion covers aren’t just for comfort either – manufacturers use high quality wool to make their wool cushion covers so they’re naturally resilient against everyday wear and tear, stains and discoloration too. Plus wool cushion covers feel amazing on bare skin which means you’ll love every minute of sitting on those cushions even more!

When it comes to cushion covers, there are many cushion cover fabrics to choose from. Whatever you choose will depend on your preference but it’s important to remember that using cushion covers made of low quality materials can mean you’ll have to replace them more often or they won’t be as effective in keeping your cushion clean and looking good for a long time – so you’ll end up spending more than what cushion covers cost anyway!

Is the cushion cover fabric right for the cushion shape?

You should also pay attention to other cushion cover details such as whether or not the cushion covers come with ties because tie-on cushion covers tend to look bulkier and less attractive than those without ties. If you want a cleaner, more streamlined look then go for no-tie cushions covers which don’t come with cushion cover ties anyway.


Cushion covers are essential for cushion longevity!

Cushion covers are really useful cushion accessories that you shouldn’t overlook. Sure cushion covers can be expensive but cushion covers made from quality materials will last longer – especially if your cushion is the kind that needs cushion cover ties to stay put so they don’t move around or disappear completely. Without cushion covers, your cushions won’t look attractive for long because they’ll lose their shape. Its best not to save on cushion covers because you never know what could happen if you do!

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