Mario Cristobal using Alabama blueprint for Miami football

Of the eight new hires for the Miami football coaching staff, five come from Alabama or other SEC schools. As Mario Cristobal creates his coaching staff, he is clearly following the blueprint created by Nick Saban at Alabama. Including both coordinators, three new hires for Miami have worked with Alabama’s coaching staff.

Other two hires with SEC experience have worked for coaches who have worked under Saban. Cristobal has talked about his experience working for Saban as a PhD in coaching, the game of football, mentoring, practice regimentation, and recruiting evaluation and assessment.

Everyone but new quarterbacks coach Frank Ponce has worked in the SEC after Cristobal hired offensive line coach Alex Mirabal and defensive line coach Joe Salave’a from his Oregon staff. Kevin Smith was Mississippi’s running backs coach for the last two seasons under Lane Kiffin.

He will be working under Miami offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, who served as the co-offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2018. Kevin Steele spent the majority of his career as an assistant coach in the SEC and twice at Alabama. He has two defensive assistants with SEC experience.

Charlie Strong, the newly hired Miami linebackers coach, has extensive experience working at Florida, has served as a defensive analyst at Alabama, and has worked at South Carolina. Defensive backs coach Jahmile Addae was hired from Georgia. Crisobal compared the program to Alabama’s.

 “The amount of things from his (Saban’s) program and his blueprint we have applied out here…but in our own way since you can’t just copy…his blueprint has not only great success, but has sustained tremendous success and has stood the test of time to the point that I am forever grateful to him.”

In nearly every aspect of his program, Cristobal uses the Saban blueprint. Cristobal has spoken extensively about the fourth quarter offseason program. With Cristobal leading the Miami football program, recruitment will reach a new level. Earlier in the cycle, Miami was ranked in the 70s.

Christopher realizes that Miami is different from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Eugene, Oregon. Every program has its own culture. Miami native and former Hurricanes offensive lineman Cristobal understands Coral Gables from many perspectives.

Smith will work with Miami Offensive Coordinator Josh Gates, who was Alabama’s Joint Offensive Coordinator in 2018. Defensive. Kevin Steele has been an assistant coach with the Securities and Exchange Commission for most of his career and has been to Alabama twice. He has two assistants who have experience in defensive coaching.

Charlie Strong, who was recently appointed quarterback coach in Miami, has extensive experience working in Florida, worked in South Carolina, and served as a defensive analyst in Alabama in 2020. Georgia-born Jahmeel Addy has been hired by Miami as quarterback coach. The Miami coach discussed replicating Alabama’s scheme.

Cristobal uses the Saban chart almost every time he runs his software. Cristobal has talked extensively about Offseason’s fourth-quarter program. Miami’s football program will reach a whole new level of recruiting with Cristobal at the helm. From being in the 70s earlier in the course, Miami has improved to 15th.

He understands how different Miami is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Eugene, Oregon. Each program must create a culture that fits their school. Miami native and former hurricane attacker Cristobal understands Coral Gables from different perspectives.

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