Enhancing Integrity of Records With Document Attestation and Verification

With the increase in the demand for the security systems in the world, and with the use of new technologies of AI and ML in the modern-day software systems the attackers are restricted from accessing the online content as every platform is secured with automated identity verification checks. The attackers are always on the verge of penetrating the systems and they have developed new methods by which they can bypass the security system. They use forged documents to replicate their identities and get access to online platforms. For the prevention of this method of penetration, the authorities are now accepting attested documents which are evaluated by strict security protocols.

What is Attestation Of Documents?

The process of verifying the documents by the respective organization is called attestation. The documents are verified in the process of attestation by the governing entity. Other individuals, businesses, and legal bodies can also attest to the document of the person if they are involved in the licensing or issuance of the documents. The attested documents are used as proof of a person’s genuineness and integrity.

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Which Documents Require Attestation?

The user documents which are issued by the authorities are all required for verification and attestation to ensure the credibility of the documents. All the legal paperwork is verified under the document verification system. Different types of industries require different documents for their verification purposes for example the banking and finance sector will always require the banking statements and previous historical record slips to verify the user into their financial systems. The other industries including the travel industry will ask for the passport of the user which is a must for the verification of the client. The attested documents increase the integrity of the user in view of the organization. The era after the pandemic is causing us to live with our proof of vaccination. This is a must document nowadays as every sector is requesting vaccinated users. From the employees in the office to the passengers in the travel sector, the vaccination card is added to everyone’s document attestation listings.

Document Verification Process

The document verification process is an important part of every organization and business. Each office has developed its own specific policy to verify the user documents at the time of onboarding. The digital era of new online platforms is making the new businesses shift to online working channels. The online document verification process is efficient and also faster than the older traditional approaches to verification. The new technique allows users to verify their documents right from their workplaces or homes by just using their mobile phones with a good internet connection.

Detection of the Documents of The Users

The first step in the verification process is the detection of user documents by the software system. The user is asked to upload all the required sets of documents in the form of images to the software system. For this purpose, the use of the mobile camera is enough to convert the user’s documents into digital images for verification. The images are detected with the help of new technology that reads the file formats and detects the user uploaded documents.

Validation of the User Documents

The user documents which are uploaded into the systems are validated with the help of artificial intelligence. Using the new image recognition patterns the AI-based system validates the images and checks for any type of modification or forgery. With the help of AI, the image is analyzed and the modifications are eliminated which in turn gives a clear image outcome. The system then further processes the attestation of the documents for validation and then proceeds to the verification phase.

Verification of the User Documents

The documents of the users are then processed for the verification of their identities and data from the validated set of images uploaded by the user. The verification phase uses the OCR technology to verify its users by extracting the data from within the documents. The organization’s system then compares the user identity information extracted from the documents with the data that is provided by the user at the time of onboarding.

Wrapping It Up

The documents attestation process is a great way of verifying the user documents from their respective organizations. Attestation is a good way of preventing document frauds that the attackers commit such as synthetic identity fraud and pseudo documents fraud. The document verification system is used to detect and verify the user’s attested documents when they opt for any onboarding service.

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