What’s The Best Way to Drive a Long Distance? 

When thinking of a work break, road travel is the first thing that comes to mind. Going on long drives is exciting and rejuvenating for some. While it may be effortless to take your 4X4 out for a long-distance trip, you need to consider other factors like the route, pit stops, fuel, drinks, eatables, pet comfort, and weather. 

Although there is spectacular long-distance holiday destinations, staying safe on the road is vital for you and your family. It is essential to know that a long-distance trip usually covers 300 km or more and is longer than three hours. Hence, you need to factor in your health and long-sitting hours before rolling out your car. Here are some fundamental tips to remember when driving long-distance with friends, family, or solo.  

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Plan Out Your Route   

Fix your long trip destination first. Plan the roads you are going to take using GPS or maps. Also, know the likely halts for food and beverages, fuel, and safe resting along the way. Find out if the route is drivable and in good condition, particularly when you have pets or older people traveling with you. 

It is best to up your vehicle with roof racks for added space benefit. Check out the roof rack superstore for specialist roof rack solutions. For added safety, look up weather updates for the areas you will drive to avoid uncertainties.      


Take Adequate Sleep the Night Before 

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Fatigue on the highway road is dangerous. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before leaving for your long-distance road trip. Ensure you have slept well the night before to avoid sleepiness on the road. Do not consume alcohol or intoxicants the day before the road trip. 

Taking a companion for your drive is ideal. You can take turns while driving and have someone to talk with. It is vital to stay alert behind the wheel. Take coffee breaks to keep your mind and senses active while driving.   

Dress To Your Comfort   

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Your comfort is utmost when driving long-distance. Slip into comfortable clothes and shoes, or take a back support cushion to reduce back pain on your road trips. Apply dermatologist-recommended sunblock creams before you leave for the road trip and re-apply on your arms, face, legs, and exposed body parts in your refreshment breaks. 

Wear your hair up to avoid distraction on the road. Choose shorts for summer and leggings for winter, fall, and spring road trips. Wear shoes you can comfortably take on or off and be comfortable walking when exploring a road on foot. 

Eat Light and Stay Hydrated 

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Feeding yourself with heavy meals or fast food in the car is not good. It creates a feeling of heaviness and indigestion a few hours after the meal and may make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. 

Eat dry fruits, salads, and other healthy food items on your road trip to keep your energy levels intact. Drink water and homemade juices to replenish fluid intake for the trip.   

Explore Fresh Air 

Heat is a road trip spoiler. Most car travelers like to switch on a car’s A/C, even for short trips. But when you are going for a long-distance road trip, you may pass through remote or less visited areas with a favorable climate, less pollution, and more fresh air. 

Fresh air is essential for your lungs, but it also keeps you alert and active for an extended road trip. Roll down your car windows when driving in favorable temperature areas to allow fresh air into the car.

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Follow Road Rules 

Driving on country or city roads requires full attention, especially when driving long distances lasting half a day or more. Avoid distraction from mobile phones, pets, or noisy kids accompanying you for the trip, as it can hurt you and your loved ones. 

Obey the speed limit as rash driving is unsafe for passengers’ safety. Avoid overtaking other vehicles on the road and ensure everyone in the car has seat belts. Be courteous and considerate of other car drivers for overall safety. 

Take A Break Every Two Hours 

When driving long-distance, you are non-stop focusing on the roads’ turns and T-points. This may put undue stress on your mind and nerves. Take a break after every 200 km when pursuing long-distance. 

Stop your four-wheeler from filling up petrol, grab a bite, take bathroom breaks or stretch your legs. Taking adequate breaks will give you a boost until the next halting point.   

Make A Road Trip Ready Playlist 

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Driving long-distance can get dreary and boring if there is nothing light and cheerful to keep your spirits high. Switch on your local radio or put on your pre-loaded playlist of favorite tunes and melodies matching your taste.   

Download road trip songs that can last at least three hours on the road or more if your trip is exceptionally long. Pick up a theme you like the most to make your road trip memorable. 

The Bottom Line   

How far you can drive safely long-distance is challenging to pinpoint. Experience counts when you are behind the wheel for long periods. Consider taking multiple drivers with you for a long-distance trip. It will help you cover more distance without stressing your back. 

Create a budget before you set off to focus on the drive ahead. Keep a provision for unforeseen circumstances too. 







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