Soundcore Bluetooth Speakers: Your Perfect Party Solution

The era of wired speakers is gone now. Everyone wants a hassle-free audio setup for their party. Bluetooth speakers have become common these days, but the ambiance they create at parties isn’t quite serving. 

The audio quality will be poor unless you spend an extravagant amount of money on your speaker. More the money, more the quality. This has been the case for most products. 

People do not want to spend a big chunk of their money on speakers. You want quality products for their parties, but at a moderate price, right? 

So, the Soundcore has brought you an economical yet party-perfect solution for you. They provide you with the best Bluetooth speakers and do not make you push your budget. Sound core has the best products for low-mid prices. 

Here is some of what Soundcore Bluetooth Speakers have to offer : 


For party music, the bass is something that cannot be neglected. This speaker uses special technology called bass up technology. 

The technology in Flare enables the analysis of your environment and then optimizes the bass frequencies according to them. Along with bass, you can set up a bluetooth speakers party that requires no wires to work.

Flare has a nimbus of LEDs that shine in correspondence to the music. You get a memorable experience when audio and visuals are going together. There are 5 different modes of lights which you can adjust according to your taste and requirements. You do not need to worry if your speaker falls in the pool at a party. Flare has got IP67 protection, which means it can bear dust, rains, and water. 

You can connect two flare speakers with a single device and rock for an extra kick. This speaker works with all the devices, including Apple products, normal laptops, TVs, etc. This product is a must at parties with its 12-hour battery life. 

Trance Go: 

This is an outdoor party speaker. Its massive sound that reaches up to 98 decibels will have you in awe. It uses BassUp technology which modifies the bass to make an even better sound. This bass stands by means of an oversized passive radiator. 

Both the technology and radiator do the job together and make the sound huge. If you are organizing a big party, then trance go has a PartyCast technology for you. By this, you can link more than one hundred speakers to a single device and sync them up. 

You’ll get the perfect massive sound all across your party. This product also has the IPX7 waterproof casing which will save you from disasters. You can use this speaker for 24 hours straight.

Flare Mini:

It’s a small speaker with a lot of attractive features. Its sound is powered up with multiple technologies, including BassUp, DRC, and dual IIR passive radiators. It has 8 individual LEDs which glow with the music and give you just the ambiance you want to create. 

8 lights give you 5 customizable modes. This speaker can withstand dust and spills. It can even resist complete submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. You can conveniently connect 2 speakers with a single device to get some more. 

From one charge, you get 12 hours of constant audio and visual fun. It is specially designed with the ability to connect with any device. 

Sound Core bluetooth speakers are the best choice for parties. They give you an unforgettable experience with mesmerizing audio and ambient visuals with LED lights. 

All these products being waterproof make themselves perfect for any kind of party. So get the party going, with the best of our products. 

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