Why You Should Choose Wireless Earphones from Soundcore: Features And Specs

Gadgets that are uncompetitive in quality, reliability and features are property of sound core. Soundcore products never disappoint their consumers and provide the best customer service. 

With their fast and free shipping and a money-back guarantee, the wireless ear phones from the Soundcore are phenomenal. Liberty and life series of different versions of Soundcore earphones are available on sale on the official website. 

Here, in this article, you’ll get to know spectacular aspects of earphones.

Fusion Comfort 

The incredible fusion comfort technology is used in the accessories of these earphones. Fusion comfort technology ensures a long time of uninterrupted listening to the audio. Moreover, this latest technology provides ultimate comfort and fits perfectly in your ear.

Comfortable air pressure

A very basic feature of the earphones provides the perfect balance for passing in and out of the air. The built-in structure ensures comfortable airflow and avoids disturbance of in-ear pressure of wearing it.

Multiple Modes 

Another incredible feature that makes Soundcore wireless earphones great in the competition. You can select among different modes with complete transparency. Switch to Full transparent mode to listen to all the sounds of the environment.

The Vocal mode enables the reduction of low-frequency voices. In addition to this, it amplifies voices. The Enhanced vocal mode increases the voice’s amplification and volume.

Liberty Series 

The whole series of Liberty encompasses the best of its features. Every version, from Liberty Air 2 to Liberty Pro 3 of them, has its own amazing specifications. The Liberty 3 Pro provides you with multiple connectivity features. 

You can connect two devices with the Liberty 3 Pro, along with the convenience of switching for calls and media. Some more highlights of liberty Pro 3 are:


  • Three microphones on each of the earphones and an AI algorithm specific for the reduction of noise.
  • This specific feature picks your voice during the call, reduces the needless noises around you and sends quite a clear voice to the receiving person.
  • The silicon tips of the earbuds make them fit perfectly in the ear. The flexible silicone tip is perfect for each ear canal.
  • The wings adapt to the specific shape of your ear. Moreover, it also provides grip to its ridge and ultimate stability.
  • The battery life of this specific series is another highlight. After a fifteen minutes charge, you use the earphones for three hours. What else one can want!
  • In the Liberty Air 2 and 2 Pro version, there are lesser hours of battery life and more recharge time. The Libert Pro 3 upgrade lessens the drawbacks and provides the best experience.

Soundcore App

For the detail of each product of soundcore, download the application of sound core on your smartphone. You can also avail of some new user discounts as well. The official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. 

You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.

There are multiple eye-catching colour ranges for Liberty 3 Pro. You can select your favourite one. From the application of soundcore, you are enabled to personalize the voice control and management of Bluetooth and EQ modes which are quite diverse.

You can also avail of some discounts during the festive holidays. If you are a sportsman or love to work out, Spirit X2 earphones will be best for you. 

The affordable prices of almost all of the earphones in each series will fit into your budget. Check out the website and order the earphone that fits best into your budget, and you’ll get them without compromising the quality features.

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