Top 4 Scenarios for a Perfect House Party

A housewarming party, a birthday party, an anniversary, or just a Friday night – there’s always a reason to have a fantastic party with your friends and family. If you’re having a reunion of close friends at home, here are ideas on how to organize a heartwarming party.

A Fika-style Party

The daily tradition of Swedes to have coffee with something sweet in the middle of the day will serve as inspiration for a friendly party if you want to invite guests for lunch on the weekend. Freshly brewed coffee, cinnamon and marzipan scones, hearty sandwiches or sweet waffles can all be made at home and spend a few hours in casual conversation. Drinking coffee together is a bonding experience, and this party format is suitable for families with children. 

Swedes spend their time talking informally, exchanging news, discussing business, and just chatting. However, if you want to try to visit this betting site and show its features to your friends, such a party is not your best choice. No one is sitting on their phone during this time. Try putting away your smartphones for the duration of your party and enjoy some friendly conversation without being distracted by texts and pictures.  

Cooking Workshop 

Culinary master classes at restaurants and food schools are very popular. Why not host a similar event at home? A cooking party would be a great excuse to get together with friends if you’ve just returned from a trip or just want to have a fun and rewarding time. Have a food and drink tasting of a country you’ve recently visited or would like to visit. Mexican tacos, nachos and burritos, Cuban cocktails, Italian pasta with parmesan or Japanese sushi – choose the crowning dishes of the national cuisine. Organize a cooking class if you want to feed and entertain guests at the same time. 

Make a menu of two or three dishes that are easy to prepare at home. Make it a main course, an appetizer and a dessert. For example, an Italian dinner might include pasta, Caprese salad and tiramisu, while a Scandinavian dinner might include meatballs with side dishes, Skagen toast and saffron buns.

Home Movie Session

Get friends together at home to watch a new movie and then share the experience. Choose a movie in advance and share or announce the repertoire on the day of the meeting. Alternate arthouse with comedies, discussable novelties with good classics, arrange a marathon of Fellini films or a day of Scandinavian cinema.

For movie night, prepare some snacks that are handy to eat. Try cooking or ordering something tasty, like sandwiches, pizza, chicken nuggets, meatballs on skewers, French fries, battered shrimp or tortilla. Don’t forget the drinks.

The Buffet

Of course, you don’t have to come up with a theme for the party at all. You can simply invite guests for the sake of pleasant conversation and fun. If you plan a friendly meeting, and not a family dinner, arrange a buffet instead of the classic feast. It’s much more comfortable to socialize when guests are free to move around the apartment and choose their companions according to their interests. This is the most appropriate party format if more than six people gather. 

For a buffet menu, choose appetizers that are convenient to eat without a fork and knife. This can be cheese, meat and fish plates, tartlets with salads, toast and sandwiches, stuffed boiled eggs, chicken medallions, profiteroles, bread with pâté. 

Make several food and drink areas so you don’t create pandemonium in one place. Make use of the dining table, kitchen work surface, coffee table, and windowsills.

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