Translation Tips to Boost Content Quality

Translation is one of the best ways to curb communication barrier. It helps you understand whatever anyone is trying to say despite the culture that they come from. For instance Somali is one of the most widely spoken language across the world.

It is most relevant in English speaking countries that do business with Somali as a country, therefore translation plays a big role in making the businesses involved to be a success. Additionally using the native translators is a big step to ensure that translation is effective. Here are various tips that can be used to boost content quality that is being translated.

Keep it short

The rule of keeping your text short is very useful, this is because it minimizes the chances of the content to have mistaken or mislead the person in charge of translating. Keeping short sentences also ensures that the reader does not get bored while trying to comprehend the message.

Ability to cut some words out of the sentence without changing the meaning of the text is an advantage, it ensures that useless words are gotten rid off and your text still remains informative.

By removing such words, it improves the overall readability of your text and ensure that the idea that is being expressed is understood in the right way possible.
Avoid word plays and humor
Although sometimes having humor in your text can be good, the fact that translated text reaches a wider audience, it is better to use straight forward simple English that goes straight to the point.

This ensures that you speed up your project, since it minimize the chance of getting in the way of developing a clear and direct meaning. 

It saves the audience the time of going to research the meaning of some words that may be complex to understand.

Be aware that there are plenty of people who can assist you with the process of writing, so you can take advantage of the help of your writing center at the university and the professors of. Although it’s not simple, creating a plan can surely help you start!

Watch out for the dates

When taking part in Somali translation service, you should consider dates while doing this to avoid misunderstanding in your communication , this is because the people of eastern Europe have a different way of doing so since they write the date first, then the month and such a mistake can mess you up if you are making a business deal with them.

To avoid such scenarios, opting to write dates in words is a good tactic and also keeping in touch with translator to ensure you are on the same page on such issues is useful.

Unify the vocabulary

Whatever the content is about, creating a single vocabulary for it makes it easier for the audience to understand the text.

Choosing one word and sticking to it while translating helps you to avoid confusion especial if a word used has more than one meaning, using its synonym will be a great idea in such a situation.

Therefore taking your time to analyze the task at hand is essential to avoid such mistakes while translating.

Use simple grammatical construction

Using passive voice while constructing a sentence is clear and easier to understand and should be considered during translation since it ensures that the subject always perform the action in play.

Hemingway application also ensures that your text is not overloaded with passive voice since it also offers a number of cases that do not hinder the overall readability of your piece.

Use the proper word order

Most languages have their own peculiarities when it comes to word order, if you do not pay attention, you can end up changing the meaning of a sentence by a slight change in the word order. 

This issue can be avoided by sticking to the set standards of any particular language.

Do not opt for phrasal verbs while translating

Phrasal verbs can easily confuse the translator especially if they come right after or before a string of prepositions and can cause a misunderstanding in communication.

Using a single word instead of phrasal verb saves you from changing the meaning of your text once it has been translated. 

From the above article it is clear that using most tips listed above helps you to avoid misunderstanding in translation that may in involve Somali, for more information why this tips are useful in Somali translation services since Somali is also a complex language ,you can contact Go Transcript.

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